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Affiliated by SKM University, Dumka
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Notice and Announcements

Webinar on Occasion of National Science Day-2021

Webinar organized on Google Met at 11:00 AM , 28-02-2021 on occasion of National Science…

SKMU contractual faculty requirements for Hindi and Pol. Science

SKMU contractual faculty(per lecture basis) requirements for Hindi and Pol. Science

1st and 2nd Merit List and Undertaking Declaration Form for Admission Session 2020-23

2nd Merit List(Bengali)-Click Here to Download 2nd Merit List(English)-Click Here to Download 1st Merit List-Click…


73rd Republic Day Celebration

Our College Celebrates 73rd Republic Day at College Campus.  

Webinar – Historical Perspective of Tribal Development in Jharkhand: Issues and Challenges in 21st Century

Date and Time- 28-06-2021, 02:30 P.M to 04:45 PM Program & Schedule 02:30PM to 02:40 PM Host: Ms. Mary Margret Tudu, Dept. Of Pol. Science, S. P. Mahila College, Dumka 02:40PM to 02:50 PM Welcome Address by: Organizing Secretary- Dr. Swaran Kumar Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept. Of History M. G. College, Ranishwar, Dumka 02:50 PM to 03:00 PM Inaugural Speech by: Patron- Prof.(Dr.) Sonajharia Minz, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, S.K.M.U., Dumka, Technical Session 03:00PM to 04:30 PM Session Chair Dr. Bipin Jojo, Centre for Social Justice and Governance, School of Social work, Mumbai Campus Keynote Speaker: Prof. Kaushal Kumar Sharma, Professor,…

Webinar on Covid-19 Structure Infection, Transmission and Prevention

Date and Time- 20-06-2021, 11:30 A.M Onwards. Program & Schedule Introduction and Conducting by: Prof. Rina Kumari, Dept. of Botany [11:00-11:10] Inaugural Speech By: Dr. Abdul Rayees Khan (Principal, M.G. College, Ranishwar) [11:10-11:25] Keynote Speaker – Dr. Anirban Paul(Assistant Professor, Suri Vidyasagar College, W.B.) [11:25– 12:10] Discussion Session (Q&A Session) [ 12:10- 12:20] Vote Of Thanks – Dr. Abarna Roy, Dept. of Zoology [ 12:20- 12:30] Click Here to Register.

Workshop on- Psycho-social skills of a Good Helper: Tackling the COVID pandemic

Date and Time- 13-06-2021, 11:30 A.M Onwards. Objective How to become ‘Good Helpers’ to Beat COVID It is one day Workshop on COVID Helper’s Skills. This workshop focuses on enabling you to provide support for the Covid-19 affected in your area. It will not only EMPOWER YOU to help distressed people in this pandemic situation but it will also make YOU A TRAINER to impart these skills and train others. The workshop is about: Taking Action: Be the change you wish to see in the world Tools and Skills that can help you become a Good Helper How to Build…

Principal Desk

Greeting For New Year

New Years greeting to all with new hope and aspiration to get more and more success by honest efforts. Specially we pray to almighty for better future of our beloved students days to come.

Rules and Regulations of College

  1. 1. The college gives utmost priority for discipline and every one, student or Colleges staff, is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the college and maintain strict discipline
  2. 2. Under disciplinary action, the Secretary/Principal is empowered to fine, suspend or even expel a student from the college in the interests of the institution.
  3. 3. After admission to the College every student will be issued an Identity Card. He/She is expected to present it, as and when required. Failure to do so will render a student liable to disciplinary action.
  4. 4. Students are not permitted to possess or use Mobile Phones inside the class rooms.
  5. 5.Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited .Students found guilty of this offence are liable for severe punishment including expulsion from Institution, Hostel and matter will be referred to police as the same has been declared as a criminal offence by the Government.
  6. 6. BROWSING ILLEGAL SITES IS NOT ALLOWED DURING LAB HOURS. Staff and students are not allowed to misuse the internet facilities.
  7. 7. No one will be allowed to listen to Music from any device inside the college campus.
  8. 8. Every Student shall conduct himself/herself in such a way to cause no disturbance to the working of the classes or to fellow students.
  10. 10. No function shall be arranged by the staff and student in the hostel or college campus without prior permission from the Secretary/Principal.
  11. 11. Writing on walls, pillars, bath rooms, and furniture or black boards is strictly prohibited. The cost of any damage, if caused to college property will be charged to the accounts of the students responsible for the damage in addition to disciplinary action.
  12. 12. Staffs and Students are advised to switch off fans and lights when they leave the office or class rooms.
  13. 13. Furniture in the class rooms should not be moved or displaced.
  14. 14. Students are not allowed to attend classes or any college function wearing causal dresses.
  15. 15. No students shall remain in the hostel during class-hours unless he/she is sick and is permitted to be on leave.
  16. 16. Students have to take without fail all the necessary items such as hall ticket, admit card, pen, pencil, calculator, Scale, rubber, etc., to the test/exam hall.
  17. 75% of attendance is mandatory for all students. In the event of continued poor performance in internal tests and poor class attendance by any student, the Secretary/Principal has the authority to withhold permission for him/her to write the university examinations or late fine will be implemented for deflate students.

Attendance & Leave of Absence:

  1. 1. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period. Late comers shall enter class-room only with the permission of the teacher.
  2. 2. Students who leave class-room after roll call without the permission of the teacher are liable to severe punishment.
  3. 3. Impersonation at roll call will be considered as serious offence.
  4. 4. Application for leave of absence for more than 4 days due to illness should be supported by medical certificates.
  5. 5. Students absenting themselves from the college for more than fifteen consecutive working days without satisfactory explanation will have their names removed from the roll and treated as temporary removal.
  6. 6. A student sent out from the class by a teacher shall lose the attendance for the duration he is out.
  7. 7. Disciplinary action including removal from the rolls will be taken against those who repeatedly absent themselves on insufficient grounds.